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It is a great honor to present this year's Senior IB Art Exhibition.  This was a year like no other and, needless to say, posed enormous challenges.  I am indeed humbled by how each student embraced these challenges with creativity, honesty, and perseverance.  As a result you will find artwork that represents a true journey in learning about art, society and self.  Throughout much of this course, students have been making art at home rather than in studio.  When I look through the sites, I see aspects of their individuality shine. Yet I also feel a sense of unity among us, as many of our experiences are shared.  I feel lucky to have art in our lives and to have had the opportunity to teach such introspective, socially conscious, and intelligent students.

I hope that you will leave a comment on the exhibition pages for these wonderful works.

To the IB Visual Arts Seniors of 2021

You have climbed mountains.  Your work is now here to inspire us. It is a gift, so thank you. I am immensely proud and soon you will be off to make our world a little better. 


You were great. You are great. And you will be great.

- Stephanie Tramontozzi

  IB Visual Arts Instructor

Photo submission for Exhibition Main Pag
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